Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Candace J. Reinhart

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Candace J. Reinhart, CLFP

Senior Vice President of Operations and Syndications
CoreTech Leasing
Member, 2021 CLFP Foundation Board
Member, ELFA Operations and Technology Committee


Candace Reinhart leads operations and syndications at CoreTech Leasing, an independent technology and equipment lessor, and drives client value to enhance CoreTech’s leadership in the industry. Reinhart achieves this for CoreTech by relentlessly pursuing what is best in the lease and finance industry with a singularity of focus that is unmatched. She leads with an infectious passion for learning. Her proactive management style and strong work ethic set the standard for diligence at every organization she has led.


“As our industry continues to modernize and as lease models shift, we must keep an eye trained on the people and relationships we have around us. Our internal and external customers deserve nothing but the highest degree of passion, integrity and respect for the products we are putting to market.”

Reinhart has worked in every element of the lease life cycle. She knows first-hand the challenges and responsibilities that come with each position and is uniquely able to encourage creative solutions and outside-the-box thinking. This insight into each role within the organization enables her to bring empathy to build an empowered team that delivers unparalleled service and responsiveness to clients.

“Candace sets the tone and standard for excellence, and that is truly a unique quality that has tremendous benefits outwardly to clients and the industry as a whole, as well as inwardly to our staff and employees,” Scott McFetters, founder and president of CoreTech Leasing, says. “She is smart, hardworking, passionate and laser-focused. She ensures all aspects of the company connect into one cohesive circle and creates and fosters a positive work culture that inspires her colleagues while also making sure every employee is accountable to their job description and job needs. Candace demands that everyone in the company is part of the team and every person in the company must provide a great experience with our customers and prospects whenever they interact. Candace is the perfect combination of toughness and empathy, whichever the situation calls for, but in each instance, her integrity and humanness let people know we are a company of values.”

From the get-go, Reinhart deliberately set her sights on raising the bar on industry ethics and standards. She pursued her CLFP and has now been recognized by her peers as an exemplary CLFP and was elected to the 2021 CLFP Foundation Board.

She envisions herself as someone helping the industry to grow and evolve into a more digital future. In an industry that has been somewhat slow to adopt change, she looks to herself and her peers as being pivotal in driving the human-powered capabilities our digitized future will need.

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