Monitor 2020 Women’s List: Sumandeep Kaur

by Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2020

Sumandeep Kaur

SVP, Product Management



Sumandeep Kaur is a dynamic industry veteran and an innovation leader with more than 20 years of experience for Odessa. She is focused primarily on cloud, data, intelligence and the enabling of self-service for businesses and IT teams. Prior to joining Odessa as a senior vice president, Kaur held various roles at HP/HPE Financial Services, including development manager, enterprise architecture leader, CIO and technology leader for digital transformation. She is a true technologist and visionary, adept at defining strategy and roadmaps to engineer business transformation for leasing and asset management platforms and the customer experience.


“Businesses are in varying stage[s] of readiness to embrace digital transformation, but everyone is capable of change. Current events have accelerated momentum. Whether asset finance companies place themselves at the starting line of digital transformation or pacing ahead a few laps, they should be encouraged to reinvent themselves [and] disrupt how they do business.”

Part of what makes Kaur’s career progression in asset finance noteworthy is her willingness to challenge the status quo — both from the perspective of a lessor and a platform provider — reimagining how companies operate, how they go to market and what role technology can play as a catalyst for change. In her role today, Kaur is focused on redefining the expectations of what the enterprise technology experience can be, delivering consumer-led experiences that are consistent with how we use technology in all areas of our lives.

To guide organizations through transformative changes, whether at earlier roles in her career at HPE or at Odessa now, Kaur’s mantra is simple: You never succeed alone. She is intentional about reaching across department lines to work synergistically with others, building a shared vision and definition of the goal. Kaur leads by example, nurturing industry and internal relationships to ensure everyone is learning and growing together.

Outside of work, Kaur is passionate about educating children and ensuring they stay connected to their culture and heritage. She has been a teacher, principal and currently serves as the chairperson of the board at Kaur and Singh Academy in Bridgewater, NJ.

“Sumandeep looks at everything from the perspective of the customer. I learned in working with her at HPE that she has a rather unique ability to see the big picture and just as easily dive into the details, moving between these with ease to focus on customer experience. To Odessa, Sumandeep is a transformative force. Her focus on reimagining usability across the platform — how it all works together — is hugely beneficial to our customer community,” Michael Nyman, SVP of delivery management at Odessa, says.

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