Beyond Technology: TomorrowZone Takes a Human-Centered Approach to Digital Transformation

by Jan/Feb 2024


Language is a fluid construct; definitions and perceptions of certain words evolve over time. Innovation is a term that is seemingly omnipresent in the business world, but due to its buzzword status, its definition has become muddled, with many considering it a technology-dependent concept. This thinking ignores the nuance of innovation in favor of a mindset that whoever has the best or most technology is automatically more innovative.

TomorrowZone, a Minnesota-based consultancy firm that aids companies on their digital transformation journeys, acknowledges that technology can play a role in innovation but that the human element is much more critical.

“Digital transformation is never only about technology. Technology is a small part,” Deborah Reuben, CLFP, founder and CEO of TomorrowZone, says. “It’s about transforming the human experience. It’s about how your people are interacting with and leveraging technology.”

When working with its clients to help them shape their future and design strategies to reach their goals, TomorrowZone makes it a priority to emphasize the human aspect of innovation to help clients avoid delays, wasted funds and drained resources. With a strong blend of technological and business expertise, coupled with attention to the human side of the equation, TomorrowZone helps companies achieve digital transformations that truly pay off.

“[We help clients] avoid distractions of the shiny objects, bells and whistles of technology,” Reuben says. “Rather, we focus on the strategic objectives and jobs to be done, then help your team adapt and adopt the technology
that is the right fit for achieving both short- and long-term goals.”

TomorrowZone works with many clients on the front-end of innovation as trusted advisors clarifying the current state, creating strategic roadmaps and kick-starting digital transformation journeys. TomorrowZone is also a
lifesaver for clients that need help navigating the chaotic aftermath of botched initiatives. Clients often bring TomorrowZone in to solve technology or process problems, only to find that there is more to be done at a cultural

“Cleaning up these failures gives us a front row seat to what success looks like when clients work with us versus what the failure looked like when they tried it on their own or worked with somebody else,” Reuben says, noting that, regardless of the situation, TomorrowZone begins its engagements by holistically exploring what a client expects success to look like so that it can create actionable roadmaps and measurable goals toward which to strive.

As much as TomorrowZone works diligently to steer clients away from just thinking about digital transformation from a technological-standpoint, the company is still well versed in cutting-edge technology, utilizing many of the latest digital tools to improve its own processes, often before such tools catch on in the mainstream. For example, TomorrowZone has been leveraging artificial intelligence and intelligent automation apps since 2016, far before ChatGPT made AI the technological darling of 2023.

“While others are distracted by the sci-fi over-hyped aspects of AI, trying to figure out how it applies to business, with forward thinking insight and fresh ideas, we are embracing and increasing our understanding of AI capabilities directly applied to business,” Reuben says. “We don’t believe in letting the future happen to us. Instead, we shape it by the decisions we make and the actions we take today.”

To ensure it provides the best service and insights to its clients, TomorrowZone is proactive in learning about the needs of the equipment finance market. As the company’s leader, Reuben is a highly-engaged member of the equipment finance community and a regular speaker at numerous industry events, providing her with the opportunity to consistently communicate with industry leaders to get a better understanding of how their businesses are operating in response to an evolving marketplace. •

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