Monitor Women’s List 2019: Jordan Weber

by By Monitor Staff Nov/Dec 2019



Jordan Weber

Chief of Staff, Currency

Member, Commercial Equipment Marketplace Council

Member, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association


When Jordan Weber joined Currency five years ago, her knowledge of the equipment leasing industry was limited to the research she had done for the interview. Although green, she threw herself into learning about the industry, recognizing the scale of the market and how much room there was to innovate, especially with a company like Currency in hyper-growth mode. Over the course of a single year, Weber led the Talent & Recruiting department and grew the team from 20 to 200 staff members.


“There is a bit of a mini-revolution going on inside of the industry right now, and the conference room is becoming more and more diverse. Even in my mere five years in the industry, it has been noticeable and is so awesome to see.”

Though she enjoyed the work of finding the right professional position for incoming talent in the company, Weber was looking to expand her role. She credits Currency with giving her the chance to become a more strategic player as chief of staff. With a company culture that values meritocratic achievement and looks to remove the red tape and arbitrary promotion criteria which can slow down mobility, Weber has been able to gain skill sets and professional experiences far beyond her initial capacity.

This past year, she launched a large bank partnership, a strategic decision she believes will be to Currency’s benefit as partnerships between fintechs and banks become more and more prevalent in equipment finance. Weber believes melding the innovative mindset of a fintech with the stability and experience of traditional banking is a winning combination and looks forward to seeing the entire industry move towards a greater integration with advancing technology.

“Jordan has a unique ability to see all the way through a problem, engineer a solution and execute a desired outcome,” observes Currency CEO Charles Anderson. “[Her work on the bank partnership] is meaningful partly because of the fact that Jordan was the point person, but mostly because she pulled off this partnership without the typical experience, training or support. She did the work of multiple people without being asked. This fresh mindset, willingness and ability is very unique. We are fortunate to have Jordan focused on making our industry better every day.”

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