Asset Compliance Solutions: Integrity, Talent and Drive: Great Teams Make Great Leaders

by Jan/Feb 2024

Brian Noble,
Founder and CEO,
Asset Compliance Solutions


Asset Compliant Solution’s leadership philosophy was formed 25 years ago. Brian Noble, CEO and founder of ACS, believed that he could build a better collections company by focusing on people with integrity, talent and drive who knew how to get things done and weren’t interested in cutting corners. Noble then built his leadership team, surrounding himself at every level with accomplished collections and recovery professionals who shared his vision for excellence and naturally led by example.

Bolstering New Dimensions of Leadership
When ACS began, leadership was more or less improvised according to the individual characters of Noble and the then-small ACS leadership team. Over the years, as ACS continued to add to its team, the growing organization bolstered new dimensions of leadership skill and resiliency, creating ongoing momentum and a culture that fosters eagerness and companywide contribution.

Noble’s 20-year involvement with Vistage, an executive coaching and peer advisory organization, contributed to his personal growth as a leader, as well as to the growth of other members of ACS’s leadership team. “Through Vistage, we became aware of the EOS operating model,” Noble says. “EOS is designed to help companies be more accountable and efficient. Its practice continues to improve our focus and our productivity at the individual and team levels. Combined with our respective memberships in industry associations, our leaders participate in multiple professional development opportunities every year.”

Driving Performance with Mutual Support
ACS provides employees with the training, tools, technology and corporate culture needed to perform at the highest level. By directly supporting, encouraging, coaching and empowering team members at all levels,
ACS leaders work to help the ACS team be at their best.

Working in a mutually supportive environment where collective performance is as important as individual accolades, ACS continues to invest in being a company where employees want to work. Part of that investment is technology, as the company strives to develop tech-enabled tools that free up its people to focus on what they do best, armed with the access and information they and their clients need to find answers and
take action.

An Emphasis on Collaboration
Noble emphasizes developing ACS’s leaders through collaboration. “Knowing that their ideas matter, everyone in the organization feels free to step up at any time on any issue,” Noble says. ACS also offers internal leadership opportunities, providing a career path for those looking to advance to more senior positions with greater responsibility. “Everyone The hallmarks of effective leadership are consistency, fairness, transparency and a willingness to listen. Effective leaders don’t let their bad days affect the way they lead or interact. They pay attention to the people around them. They vigorously guard against any kind of favoritism to make sure that everyone is held to the same standards. Finally, they’re clear about what those standards are so when people come up short or excel, there are no questions why.

ACS has created a family-like culture defined by its ‘Token of Trust,’ a keepsake the company awards to new employees. To Noble, it’s imperative to foster this familial environment to further encourage the crux of leadership, including qualities like: humility, integrity, equality and service. ACS fosters a culture of continuous learning and respect across all team members, regardless of title.

As a company, ACS has a bias for action, no tolerance for laziness and takes care of employees, which, in turn, results in employees taking care of clients. Under Noble’s leadership, ACS employees actively learn and listen to customers to create a collaborative and open culture. •

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