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Are You an Equipment Finance Startup in the Incubation Phase?

Kimberly Fumega

Starting your new equipment financing business requires building the infrastructure (people, process, and technology) to support it. What equipment financing software will you use to manage your portfolio? How and where will you host that software? What resources will you... read more

Three Options to Consider for Portfolio Runoff in Equipment Leasing and Finance

Kimberly Fumega

As 2024 begins, we continue to see large amounts of change in the equipment finance industry. As you adjust your priorities, you may be facing choices about what to do with your existing portfolios. Have you decided to shift away... read more

What Borrowers Want: 5 Attributes of an Attractive Leasing Partner

Harold Ray

In the construction, material handling, transportation and manufacturing industries, there are only a few ways to get heavy equipment: buy it, rent it or lease it. Right now, equipment purchase prices are high. Material shortages, supply chain snafus and inflation... read more

10 Pieces of Wisdom from Adam Warner

Adam Warner

Adam Warner will be retiring from his role as president of Key Equipment Finance at the end of 2023, a position he has held since 2009. Looking back on his almost 40-year career in equipment finance, Warner offers 10 practical... read more

How Organizations Can Leverage Flexibility & Generational Differences To Bridge The Age Gap When Retaining Talent

Jackie Jacobs

Diversity has become a great strength today, and it is true not only in the workforce but in society in general. Despite this, recruiters and companies throughout the world continue to find many challenges in reaching diversity goals. As we... read more

Transportation, Logistics, Finance – Strategies to Help Organizations Overcome Challenges in Attracting a More Diverse Talent Pool

Jackie Jacobs

With a multi-generational workforce across all industries and the job market more diverse than it has ever been, job seekers in transportation, logistics and equipment finance are proactively looking for ways to provide equal opportunities for individuals with a diverse... read more

When it Comes to Electric Trucks, We Need to Spread the Risk

Patrick Gaskins

Developments in battery electric commercial vehicles are coming fast and furiously. I attended the recent Technology & Maintenance Council spring meeting and many of the presentations focused on BEVs, chargers, charging infrastructure and the maintenance and repair needs of BEVs.... read more

Growing the Power of the Invoice with Digital Transformation

Scott Nelson, Aaron Dym

“Whoever owns the invoice owns the customer.” This was the message of future Telefonica CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete López speaking at the 2014 Telefonica Leadership conference. The emerging business trend at the time was the ecosystem of cellular device apps... read more

How Asset Finance Companies Can Help Fleets Get to a Greener Future

Patrick Gaskins

With increasing regularity, corporations are adding sustainability goals to their business strategies. This new sense of corporate responsibility is in part being driven by changes in customer demand. Consumers are asking questions around the sustainability and environmental efforts of corporations... read more

Eliminating Paper In The Equipment Funding Process

Ray Ellingsen

Everyone in the heavily regulated syndicated equipment funding arena knows that each funding transaction requires signatures on more than 25 documents. While that has always been cumbersome, the restriction of public gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic with its work-from-home mandates... read more

Are Your Repossession Agents Properly Insured?

Michael Levison

There are few actions that a lender takes that have more potential for legal or damage claims than a vehicle or equipment repossession. Ensuring that your service providers have the right types and amounts of insurance coverage is critical to... read more

How Strategic Information on Equipment Leases Can Help Businesses Under Uncertain Landscapes

Jennifer Booth

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted daily life across the globe, and the uncertainty that came with it continues to loom. Aside from the personal disruptions caused by the pandemic, in terms of health and finances, businesses have also been heavily... read more

Brokers Bridging the Gap: Choose Your Partnerships Wisely

Theresa Kabot

For the last twenty years, I have owned a third-party origination company/brokerage in Seattle. Throughout the years we have received hundreds of emails and letters from customers telling us how their business wouldn’t be where it is today if it... read more

Digital Exclusive: Spend Visibility Leads to Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Patrick Gaskins

The first step in developing a long-term equipment financing strategy is to identify all of the fixed and variable costs associated with operating your current fleet. In other words, what is your current total cost of operation? A spend analysis... read more

Brokers Bridging the Gap: Differentiating Yourself from Other Brokers

Steve Geller

After participating in the banking and finance industry for all of my career and spending over thirty years specifically in the equipment leasing and finance industry as a credit analyst, lending officer, and broker division manager, I have developed an... read more

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