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What Does the Future Hold for Banks in Equipment Finance?

Rita Garwood

Banks have been steadily increasing their presence in equipment finance over the years via mergers and acquisitions and by hiring experienced leadership teams. When the Monitor 100 launched in 1992, U.S. bank affiliates contributed 17% of the ranking’s net assets.... read more

How The Freight Recession Has Impacted Carriers

Patrick Gaskins

Ever since COVID-19, the global economy has been on a rollercoaster ride, experiencing significant ups and downs brought about by supply chain issues either caused or exacerbated by the pandemic. It’s a tale told around the globe: after the pandemic... read more

What Borrowers Want: 5 Attributes of an Attractive Leasing Partner

Harold Ray

In the construction, material handling, transportation and manufacturing industries, there are only a few ways to get heavy equipment: buy it, rent it or lease it. Right now, equipment purchase prices are high. Material shortages, supply chain snafus and inflation... read more

Equipment Finance Insight: The Impact of Data Analytics-Driven Risk Management on Heavy-Duty Assets

Hadley Benton

While the economy entering 2024 continues to face plenty of challenges, there is no doubt that the entire business landscape remains predicated on the continued movement of goods across the country. The transportation fleets responsible for moving these goods have... read more

Five Factors Shaping Equipment Finance’s Shift to Subscriptions

John Pearce

Subscriptions have been taking over more and more of the economy since the SaaS era took off two decades ago. This shift is finally coming to equipment finance in the form of something called XaaS: everything as a service. Why... read more

Equipment Finance and Banking: Forever Together?

Scott Nelson

Equipment Finance companies and banks are two industries irreversibly tied together by funding. The partnership is often collaborative, sometimes competitive and sometimes strategic via mergers and acquisitions. This is the everyday world of the Rinaldi Advisory Services team (RAS). RAS... read more

Old McDonald had a Dell: AI, AI, Oh!

Ken Greene

I admit that once, I thought that AI was a steak sauce. My mi-steak! It may be a special sauce, but I do not recommend pouring it into your computer. In fact, despite its ubiquity and influencer-type popularity, I caution... read more

Tips for 2024: Harnessing Concern as Main Street Tightens Its Budget

Christopher Johnson

Interest rates are putting the squeeze on SMB owners. What you need to know heading into 2024. According to a recent survey from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners are not feeling optimistic... read more

How Will the Current Economic Climate and the Increase in Equipment Costs Affect Capital Investments in 2024?

Patrick Gaskins

The Equipment Leasing and Financing Association (ELFA) recently published its forecast for funding growth by market segment for 2024. As is the case for most years, some sectors will be on the rise and others will be trending downward.  Because... read more

10 Pieces of Wisdom from Adam Warner

Adam Warner

Adam Warner will be retiring from his role as president of Key Equipment Finance at the end of 2023, a position he has held since 2009. Looking back on his almost 40-year career in equipment finance, Warner offers 10 practical... read more

How Organizations Can Leverage Flexibility & Generational Differences To Bridge The Age Gap When Retaining Talent

Jackie Jacobs

Diversity has become a great strength today, and it is true not only in the workforce but in society in general. Despite this, recruiters and companies throughout the world continue to find many challenges in reaching diversity goals. As we... read more

How Guarantied Are Your Guaranties?

Ken Greene

One of the time-honored principles of the Bankruptcy Code (the “Code”) is that, with limited exceptions, only debtors actually in bankruptcy proceedings can avail themselves of the benefits of the Code. This generally means that non-debtors cannot take advantage of... read more

Art in Artificial Intelligence? Can Creativity and Code Converge?

Ken Greene

In the realm of technology, where algorithms and data crunching often steal the spotlight, there exists an art form hidden in the lines of code and the depths of data sets. Yes, you read that right; there’s an art in... read more

Evolving From A Financing Source To A Financing Partner

Patrick Gaskins

Trucking is complex and getting more so as we start the journey to a more sustainable movement of freight. While matching truck specs to duty cycle has always been important, the reality was that some fleets spec’d trucks for use... read more

Recent Developments in Cannabiz: Out of the Fire and into the Pot?

Ken Greene

Recently, United States health regulators proposed that the federal government loosen restrictions on marijuana. Since the cannabis equipment finance space has grown exponentially over the past years, this should come as welcome news to those who are a part of... read more

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